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Welcome to the "Protected by Purpose" podcast! Over the past year, I have been touring the country promoting my book and sharing my journey of overcoming significant odds to achieve success. 

I learned that the simple gift of sharing my story has inspired others to open their hearts to new possibilities. Of the people I have met along the way, I've seen both the heartache and courageousness within the souls who've been touched by my story. This has provided me with an overwhelming and immeasurable sense of meaning and purpose.

This podcast is designed to highlight the stories of others who've shown resiliency, faith, and strength despite having the odds stacked against them. It's my way of giving back on a larger scale.     

If you are encouraged by these stories, please spread the word and be sure to subscribe to my mailing list at www.dorindawalker.com


Jun 21, 2019

Dorinda Walker interviews Simone E. Morris, Author of the book, The  Power of Owning Your Career and Empowerment Speaker who inspires audiences to take action. They discuss game changing moves to take charge of your career and manifesting your dreams into reality!   

Jun 13, 2019

Dorinda Walker interviews Shawn Hunter, Social Activist about overcoming the low self-esteem that led her to prison and how she reclaimed her life by relying on her faith in order to live in her purpose.    

Jun 10, 2019

Dorinda Walker interviews Shavar Jeffries, Esquire about his journey of healing from the tragic murder of his mother as a result of domestic violence, to his crusade for justice, advocacy and education for under served communities.

Jun 1, 2019

Dorinda Walker interviews Author, Educator and Humanitarian Taaj Williams and Education and Community Advocate Natasha Levant who discuss dealing with the aftermath of loosing a loved one to murder and how they are honoring the memory of their beloved family member.